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Coffee Morning Cakes.

A Mocha (coffee and chocolate) Victoria Sponge Cake filled with butter cream and a fat-less Sponge Cake topped with chocolate butter cream. Ready for the Horncastle coffee morning. Raising  funds for St Margaret’s Church Hemingby.

Old Fashioned Summer Choice.

Such a simple Summer choice. Prawns with Marie Rose Dressing*  Green Salad  with a simple French Dressing and Summer Jersey Royal Potatoes . With a nice glass of chilled Sancerre what could be nicer. *Marie Rose Sauce for Prawns. Hellmans Mayonnaise, Tomato...

Simple Summer Lunches.

Olive Oil  Roasted Chicken with new Jersey Royal Potatoes and Beefsteak Tomatoes, a little Basil, some good Mayo, and a Fresh Green Salad, just as simple as that! Or how about a very tasty often forgotten Caesar Salad, with good green leaves, I like rocket ...