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A delightful sanctuary for family fun.

a restful utterance of joy

this rhythm and flow…this energy of life,

proves as natural as breathing…

This house fills your eyes with pretty visions

of eclectic art and precious belongings.

It enfolds, caressing you with every comfort.   


As light puffy wisps of pearly white clouds drift

across our beloved England, corks popped,

laughter and joyous sounds rose from

steamy scented jacuzzi warmly enfolding…

Vivid clarity of light brings joy and endless fun.

It fills our memories, brings togetherness

like nothing can…


Hunt the eggs with Pops,

bake the tiny cakes for little hands, with Auntie Ann,

as the men play football with much skill,

tiny feet kick ball to goal!   

Walks in the grounds down to a lake,

through dripping juicy pear trees!

Trying all the garden chairs and comfy swing

all in warm balmy air…

These are our memories, just for us to treasure…


As beautiful laughter fills the air,

enticing aromas seamlessly sail

through from the kitchen,

they tickle our noses with delight.

Tantalising Amuse-bouche, specially

selected Mouton Cadet,

holding its own special memories,

all precedes exquisite international cuisine,

all cooked to perfection, second to none!


Quiz night with ‘oohs and ahhh’s’

Stretching those puzzled brains

All in a state of physical ease…

To share this time, to be a part of this

Interlude, has been a seamless delight.


Thank you Woodland Lodge

with your warm embrace and many magic touches,

thank you lovely family and new friends.

Perhaps one day we will return,

Until  then  these memories of being together will sustain us…

©️Susie Hemingway.