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“Welcome to my home on the internet!”

The Woodland Lodge.


A delightful sanctuary for family fun.

a restful utterance of joy

this rhythm and flow…this energy of life,

proves as natural as breathing…

This house fills your eyes with pretty visions

of eclectic art and precious belongings.

It enfolds, caressing you with every comfort.   


As light puffy wisps of pearly white clouds drift

across our beloved England, corks popped,

laughter and joyous sounds rose from

steamy scented jacuzzi warmly enfolding…

Vivid clarity of light brings joy and endless fun.

It fills our memories, brings togetherness

like nothing can…


Hunt the eggs with Pops,

bake the tiny cakes for little hands, with Auntie Ann,

as the men play football with much skill,

tiny feet kick ball to goal!   

Walks in the grounds down to a lake,

through dripping juicy pear trees!

Trying all the garden chairs and comfy swing

all in warm balmy air…

These are our memories, just for us to treasure…


As beautiful laughter fills the air,

enticing aromas seamlessly sail

through from the kitchen,

they tickle our noses with delight.

Tantalising Amuse-bouche, specially

selected Mouton Cadet,

holding its own special memories,

all precedes exquisite international cuisine,

all cooked to perfection, second to none!


Quiz night with ‘oohs and ahhh’s’

Stretching those puzzled brains

All in a state of physical ease…

To share this time, to be a part of this

Interlude, has been a seamless delight.


Thank you Woodland Lodge

with your warm embrace and many magic touches,

thank you lovely family and new friends.

Perhaps one day we will return,

Until  then  these memories of being together will sustain us…

©️Susie Hemingway.

Feel My Dreams For You.

“Feel my dreams for you”

Solace of mind on difficult days,
comfort when troubled
or when sadness bleeds your heart,
wise eyes to be able to see all beauty
especially in unexpected places,
laughter to play on those beautiful lips,
the ability to accept in those sparkling eyes,
hugs that raise your spirit soul
and friends to share those happy days.

Laughter in abundance to surround and fulfil,
to ring in your ears, play on your mouth,
faith to hold you up, to believe on those tough days,
confidence when the journey is not easy…
Patience and courage when days are difficult and
but most of all compassion and an
abundance of love to complete your life.

May you always have a sunlit door to walk through…


Poem dedicated to my Sons and Grandson.
©️Susie Hemingway. 2022

The Open Door Photo: Courtesy of Anne Manning with thanks. (Click to open).


Watching Clouds.

Watching Clouds…

I’m watching clouds today.
You know, when the sky is the colour of cornflowers and the wind is high in a sky as large as an ocean,
these white fluffy cottonwool shapes scud past as
I lie on my soft snugly bed, the sky clear and lemony sunny,
I’m watching clouds today…

My balcony door is wide open, the breeze is sharp and Winter fresh, my nose is going pink
but under my warmest blanket with hot water bottle in place I am as warm as if being on a Caribbean beach.

I’m seeing the world today…

One soft white air-balloon sped by, I am sure people were waving,
followed by a perfect Isle of Wight
then came a magical galleon ship, well maybe not quite a galleon ship but huge sails full of powerful gusts puffed out in front, full I’m sure of gold and pearls.
Then a strangely big leg of Italy very close, kicking away from the rest of its land.
I’m watching clouds today…

An odd tree came next, most shapely I thought, blown sideways but I turned my head just in time… Then came a large alligator not of white clouds but formed from the gaps between but you never have cornflower blue alligators do you?
Imagination is a wonderful thing…

I’m watching clouds today…

Susie Hemingway ©️2021

Watching Clouds.

Heaven Knows.

I had forgotten how much I love these words.

“Heaven knows we need never be ashamed of our tears, for they are rain upon the blinding dust of earth, overlying our hard hearts. I was better after I had cried, than before, more sorry, more aware of my own ingratitude, more gentle.”


And Suddenly – Covid.

The world turned on its head today,
It collided, stumbled stuttered and fell.
the bustling regular ordinary days
the ones we love the best, changed,
slowly at first but then, with a great rush of fear.


The world turned on its axis, it shuddered,
And all at once fearful for the life of our world to come,
we halted and stalled.
Those approaching the Autumn of their days
must stay ‘contained’ the hardy stalwarts must
not ‘rock this boat’ or it might capsize, might go under…


The young executives our money makers,
our decision makers, now confined to home offices,
sitting in underpants, 
as trains and city centres empty
draining like blood from worried faces…
The world turned on its axis today…


The call to prayer,  voices thinned, as announcements
came of closures of Mosques,
the suspension of Mass starting to curb the spread of Covid-19.
The world turned on its axle today….
Theme parks stilled, theatres, cinemas, halted in prose,
visas suspended  as the world turned on
It’s axis today…


Death is not the only common fear, science is the only common hope.
Humanity is  our only common thread.
The world turned on its axis today…
Susie Hemingway ©️March 2020

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We Don’t See – Old Friends.


We don’t see the lines on faces and eyes
on hands that are swollen and veiny to die,
we don’t see the marks between bruising skin
we only see the heart that lies within…


We don’t see the faded eyes or the creases
of age
round thinner lips all we see are those days,
the echos of past as we engage
in the memories words bring,
now all we see are the tales of fun
of faded impressions in photos when young…


When vibrant, eager and easy to know,
we were brilliant, dazzling,
scintillating, so ready to go
at just a moments notice,
wearing only our smiles
in shorts and flip-flops we
travelled the miles.


Now we only see those days we wish to recall,
of jaunty hearts, crystal minds
when we were young…
Inventive, creative, accomplished and yes phenomenal!
Our extraordinary minds propel us onwards,
our delicious memories sustain us…


So we don’t see the lines etched or the tired eyes,
on faces of friends and lovers who bide,
we see only the heart and the spirit inside
so deep is that joyful echo of life
of an echo…of this echo…
it’s all we see…


Susie Hemingway ©️2019

This Magic Isle-Crete Reunion.2019

This Magic Isle – Crete Reunion 2019🌞🍹🍸🍻🥂

This magic Isle of new memories that nurtured
the souls of those that loved…
the hot golden days of our desert time,
where friends were made to last and stay
in OUR Oasis town of palms and sand.

For some, more than half a life ago
remember a different time, of roaming camels
soaring temperatures, dusty lives where
bonds were made to last and stay..
“See you again one day” we said.

So for us the stalwarts of this time,
staunch, committed, fun and steadfast
we meet again, still vigorous and redoubtable,
to reminisce of years gone by.
Unhesitatingly enjoying all of our memories…

We shared again on this lovely Island of Crete
We shared again…

Susie Hemingway Moursi – 4th Reunion Crete 2019.

Emotional On Bus 34.


Lowered eyes glanced through grimy windows
smeared rain spots across the filthy panes of Bus34.
Memories sneaked the corners of my mind and rolled hotly down my cheeks.
Casting eyes upwards to grey smudgy skies, head resting at a tired angle
I looked for you…


The dirty light of filthy day, no sunshine broke my blurring eyes
your dear dark velvet, heavily fringed eyes, slowing closing
flooded my mind and filled my vision. 
Desperate days that still seemed like yesterday,
days that were long now, spoilt by loss.
Taking this evening route daily
life did not improve,  my time to recall, 
my time to remember…


Emotional on Bus 34.

I Have Not Forgotten.

Do You Think I had Forgotten You ?


The years and months pass quickly now from the delicate Springtime to the gloriously hot Summers the brilliant kaleidoscope of Autumn and on to the snow covered Winters,the days and months sneakily roll into one patch of time.I look from my windows at the changing seasons but only see you, do you think I had forgotten? I cover my days well, I smile a lot, it’s good to smile… But forget no! There will be no forgetting.
Loss is made endurable by love and it is love that will echo through eternity…

Can I Mention Your Name.

When I don’t mention your name

it wishes to slip through my lips

it rolls around in my mouth

it hinders my speech

you are not a memory lost

you are with me always

yearning to escape,

please can I mention your name?


A new guest for tea

like old school friends relaying

the years past, the joy of connection

laughter and life,

she asks your name

it flows like a coursing stream

channels down on fresh white linen it falls,

it ripples, slides and spills…


Oh the joy of saying your name

oh the passage of cherished time

fills my heart making my ears happy,

your name tastes of sweet soft

honey on my tongue,

it tastes of Caspian beluga caviar

on thin warm blinis,

it makes my eyes open wide with joy,

it is my heaven it is my desire…


 Can I mention your name…