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It has been a glorious week. A week of sunny balmy days with little puffs of  gentle breeze, a cloudless blue sky which cast a Midas touch across this pasture land. How good this has been for us as we start to count down the days to the wedding of my dear niece Ellie and her beloved Stuart here in the village next Saturday.

Much must be done and the excitement is mounting as my dear Sister Jenny and Brother-in-Law Ian and others too, go about the many preparations to make this a most memorable day. Our village church will have an extra special clean, windows will shine, pews will be polished with vigour, brasses will be cleaned, and flowers skilfully made into bouquets and beautiful displays to decorate this tiny church. The churchyard will be mown, borders and edges trimmed, telephone and post boxes in the village will be given a good wipe clean and a ‘once-over’ and slowly during the coming week folk will travel from all corners of this treasured land and some even further to celebrate the marriage of this lovely couple who have chosen to have their wedding here in this pretty Lincolnshire village

Of course not everyone can be here, some who loved her dearly are no longer with us. I think now of my Hamada whose  love for Ellie was continuous throughout his life. As a little tot he would always take time to  gently chatter with her, her sweetness and eager need for knowledge always brought a huge smile to his lovely face, he always had time for this little beauty. How very proud he was when she graduated from Reading University.

Still he will be close-by in his resting place here in the churchyard, just a step away from the old church door and the footsteps of this beautiful bride and her handsome groom will be but a pace away. I wish he could see this scene, I wish he could see her now  but I’m sure he will know we are all here.  His memorial stone will be bedecked in the  flowers of the wedding decorations in honour of a good and much loved Uncle who would be so proud of the woman his niece has become today. I will drink-in every single moment of this glorious day, I will  whisper all the details into the breeze for him to know all, perhaps if I try hard enough…he will hear?

I will feel his absence greatly, his quiet manner and his lovely smile and the love he had for his family and I know at some time during this fabulous celebration,that Ellie and Stuart will think of him too.

I  wonder also of  Ellie’s Grandparents and the perfect love they all had for her. How thrilled they would be about this union and the love this unique couple so obviously have for each other. How proud they would be for the woman Ellie has become today, for her choices and for this family celebration that continues to keep together this close family for which they created.

The circle of life continues to turn,  a life of love and change and of courage too. How lucky I am to be here with them and my two sons, their families and partners to enjoy this marvellous day to the full. I am sure I will shed a tear or two of joy for I am truly blessed indeed.