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I long again to hear that voice,
those cultured tones of dusky nights,
of “21 club” words whispered low
in shining gleaming bar of old.
When smiles mixed as glasses clink,
murmured soft and almost heard,
those sweet and soothing dulcet tones
of  love and you.


The air was filled with mixing scents
of girl’s falsetto voices shrill, who masquerade
their dramatic wears, expensive perfumes
and fancy hair.
I leaned to hear that velvet sound, from sweet
breath of love, disturbing senses found.
That time and you…


The Handsome men with eyes that glittered
tanned in Armani, shirts of fine linen.
Their Rolex vying and hanging loose
as popping corks and bitter vermouth,
in smoky music fun filled air.


The thrill…the pace…
that time in Harry Meadow’s place!


We danced as morning light appeared
your words enticing and with much care
I remember every word you said,
those sweet and soothing dulcet tones
Of love and you… Longings…



Longings: – from the ‘box of secrets’ @ seven months.