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The desert came to London that Saturday in April.
From far and wide, from each corner of our beautiful world,
friends gathered to relive the halcyon days of heat and sand.
Those dusty days and joyous lives merged together to remember
the ‘living’ we did amid the shimmering red desert of Al Ain.
Groups gathered in earnest chatter, champagne flowed, exchanges made.
We peered at name badges, we looked at faces changed with the passing years.
How good to meet again, how good to say “hello” after all this time,
so much to mention – so much to remember… so many images to recall …


One hundred and thirty old friends converged on a London night club,
for ‘Jewels’ we all are! To reminisce we must  – to reminisce we did.
For were we not the pioneers of those desert days?
For did we not help shape things to come?
“I knew your husband” one sweet man said.
 “I remember your face” said another.
We squealed with delight when across a close friend we came.
Pretty ladies exchanged their gifts of words, their memories and their smiles,
as music from those ’80’s days played loud and clear,
our thoughts returned to the hot indolent days and torpid nights
of our treasured paradise, merging with the vibrant dancing that was now.


Handsome men stood together, enjoying their beers,
remembering Rugby on stony terrain and Hash House Harriers
running through ‘najoods’ in  boiling arid heat.
Oh yes not much was forgotten at the desert reunion!
Sweet memories of twinkling nights atop Jebal Hafeet,
the tastes and smells of the “Golden Sheep” “The Hilton” and “The Intercont”.
Cooling sun- downers at the end of a sweltering day,
the brushstrokes of these clear memories like a perfect piece of art.
Friends made in a life together under a turquoise sky,
bonds made in this desert oasis that will not be broken even though years pass.


Our laughter in London was an echo of past times,
still beautiful now with the changing years.
Stay well dear friends until we meet again…
Susie Hemingway Moursi