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A very clever compassionate fellow MM sufferer and such a dear person Paula over at  sent  a brilliant surprise for Hamada today. I don’t know how to thank her for filling our day with such fun and delight but having my trusty camera at the ready I am able to show below, how happy Hamada was to receive these beautiful ‘works of art’.

Two Little Angels - Oct 2010 004      Two Little Angels - Oct 2010 010                 

After waking from his little nap I sat him by the window to receive his parcel. Just look at the delight on his face! First one little Angel appeared from the box. Wow’s and delighted exclamations followed.

    Two Little Angels - Oct 2010 012       Two Little Angels - Oct 2010 018 

Just look at this happy face as another Angel was revealed. The two little angels were then placed in several spots for perfect viewing and their exquisite beauty with their crystal decoration (which in the above photo unfortunately I have not managed to catch very well)  while we admired and delighted over their perfect beauty!  One holding a little  sparkling heart and the other a  jewelled star!

Two Little Angels - Oct 2010 023 Two Little Angels - Oct 2010 020

But their final resting place will be in Hamada’s bedroom of course, there was no way he wanted to be parted from his Angels. So now they have pride of place on his bedroom cabinet where they will twinkle away and keep him company when needed x and all I can say that these two little Angels have brought much joy and hope today and we thank you so very much dear Paula x

            Two Little Angels - Oct 2010 035