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It’s been a good week so far, one of those special weeks that  conjures up so much that is English. The start of  Wimbledon with fabulous tennis and new records being broken, the epic saga that culminated in the longest ever match and the most aces served in beautiful sunny weather with high temperatures, so perfect with the abundant strawberries and cream being served  and a real battle for the contestants and their ten hours of tennis!  The special visit of our dear Queen to Wimbledon, for the first time in thirty three years.  She looked marvellous in turquoise blue and matching Edwardian style hat, just incredible at eighty four years ! God Bless you Ma’am.

More fun with England redeeming themselves at football in South Africa with a win at last! Hamada enjoying every match he can manage to watch between his long periods of sleep. Perhaps I will keep my flag  flying at  “Hemingway” a little longer!

June Days 2010 010Fathers Day Weekend at Hemingway 2010 005

Days are so precious and making them special  is a constant joy, little  things that make someone who is very poorly enjoy these days is so important. The Family all came-up for the weekend with Sunday being Fathers day. “Hemingway” was filled with laughter and chatter, just as it should be and just as we like it. We enjoyed good meals together, watched more football and enjoyed a game or two of Scrabble. We finished our lovely weekend with a good Roast Beef Lunch at the Village Pub. Hamada enjoyed all this too.

Now back to reality today with a consultation at Lincoln  to see whether Hamada is well enough to start Revlimid another Chemotherapy drug,  after the disappointing  three month course of Velcade which did nothing to reduce the Myeloma load in his blood M-Spike (PP) now at 14!   I pray that he is well enough to continue to try.

So many days are important not just the ones that are life changing or life saving but all the ones in between.  These wonderful warm sunny days of June, yes every single one…