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  Susie in Dior Dress      mark your calendars!    IMGP3168

I have taken my beautiful  “Borgo degli Ulivil”  sparkling grey dancing shoes, from their satin lined box, my soft grey “YSL“ velvet evening purse from it’s silken drawstring pouch. I have fixed my long tresses, in a more elaborate style. Drenched myself in Coco Chanel and slipped into my twinkling jet encrusted long “Dior” gown. I have brought all my diamonds from the safe for this is indeed, a special occasion!

So here I am, the journey was uneventful, my elderly Rolls purred along the English countryside to our dear little airfield.  The flight across the pond was smooth, fast and over in what seemed like a mere moment or two, my pilot for the evening trip is my dear friend Richard Branson.

I am at the “Willow Manor Ball” waiting now for charming Al Pacino  to lead me to the dance floor for the first tango, and then whoever is able to dance with style and passion would be most welcome. Perhaps that charming Skip Simpson, I think he is taken with that pretty Cameron something or other. Or could it be my old friend Omar, he is a tad tired these days but still likes to dance and such a one for the scintillating conversation that I love, when of course he can bear to leave the poker table. We have had some wonderful games of backgammon over the years in his charming apartment overlooking the Nile near Cairo

How wonderful that I am attending the  Cyber ball at “Willow Manor”  Such fun we are all having, with wonderful  Beluga Caviar on the daintiest of Blinis with just a glass or two of Vintage,  Dom Perignon bubbles.

The orchestra is playing all the old dance numbers from many shows I can recall, my feet are yearning to dance, could that be Mr Astaire over there?  I am thrilled my dance card is full to the brim!   How simply wonderful the hostess looks and all these terribly handsome  men over there, surrounding Marilyn Monroe. What a party this is turning out to be,  here at “Willow Manor”

The Manor I must say looks amazing, with  much crystal reflecting their acting prisms of lights on the  most beautiful  rich brown mahogany floors. The flunkies are everywhere with trays of the most delicious canapés. The smell of  the huge vases of Lilies and Red Roses are overpowering – so reminding me of my poem “Lilies”  – and that truly wonderful place years ago… but I digress, no more of that.

I am here to enjoy this evening to the full and I have noticed some  admiring glances from several of the more mature men! I think I recognizes dear Paul Newman and is that not the charming young cove Johnny Depp? and can I see our dear old Richard Burton chatting away to Dame Helen Mirren, yes I’m right, just behind that marble pillar next to Eric Clapton and his friend, the handsome dark haired man from Santana.  I believe they are playing later tonight. I shall look forward to that.

What a splendid array of guests, pulling dreams and memories from my mind, how charming they all are. We might have a salsa or two later, there are some very swarthy slim young men here. I heard  a very beautiful redhead mention that  the wicked Lord Byron is also at Willow Manor tonight!  I will work my way around the room later and enquire after his health.

I can see  John Lennon in deep conversation with dear Luther, ahh now will he be singing I wonder?  then my evening will be complete. Umm, those lush deep tones of blues and soul, I can hear a sax playing in the ball room “ Heaven I’m in heaven” da da da la la la la… de  da da  dee…” when I’m out together dancing cheek to cheek.”

We shall be going into dinner soon, I am almost overwhelmed, as our superb hostess has informed me,  I am to be sitting between dear Tony Bennett and Robert Redford and opposite the young and very handsome Elvis Presley, whom I understand is to be singing later. Oh what fun we are all having !!!. 

The evening is young, alas I am not, but still…it is a delight,  full of dreams for everyone who attended the  enchanting “Manor Ball” A flight of the imagination perhaps…..?

don Rolls Fred Astaire

This beautiful grey rose in velvet box has just been presented to me from an admirer


Thank you J. Johnson how kind you are  and
thank you to the charming and beautiful hostess Willow, at YES!  the “ Ball Of  The Year”  see:

Update from Willow Manor 14.10.2009

“Some of the highlights of the evening, besides all the exciting celebs,was the strange Drambuie brew that TFE brought along, completely rendering us insane with one little sip, the SnL One jet ride from Skip and the Silver Fox, a fabulous dune buggy show on the front lawn from Thomas Crown, and Reya reading from her crystal ball in the manor library.
This fun event would have been nothing without all the wonderful imaginations and efforts of all of you dear, dear bloggy friends. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It truly was an enchanted evening”