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I’ve never made a fancy cake
a malt loaf is really me
I can make a lovely cuppa
so I can always have Assam tea.

I can rustle-up a chicken pie
with the shortest crust you’ll ever find
with a tasty bit of gravy too
but I never make tiramisu,
or even glorious meringues that rise
in heavenly peaks that reach the skies!

I’d rather have a drop of gin
and write a little ditty,
I’m getting on a bit you see
but I really don’t need your pity.
I truly like to dance and sing
with music playing in my ears
a duster in my hand,
like I was seventeen again
as I listen to rock-bands!

I like the music blaring out
put on my heels and gad about,
It gets the work done double quick,
then a drop of Gordon’s, does the trick.

Pies,Poetry and a pint of Gin
my life’s complete, I dream within
of Para-gliding in sunny climes
but to be quite honest I haven’t time.
I’m busy selecting the brightest hues
of brand new hair colours
and when I stand in queues,
I love to listen to the latest chat
of pretty girls who admire my hats!

I love to spray the testers too,
such fun to smell like a famous star
with Chanel and Gucci, I’ll go real far…

Never mind the ‘leccy bill, would
love a new lipstick, better than pills!
Ah! this ones, the one for me
scarlet red, smooth as can be
will make me feel like twenty three,
Pies, Poetry and a Pint of Gin
to dance down street, new life within.

I’ll spend the days reviewing years
I like to write and think a lot
not much one for knitting socks,
nor for mowing or removing weeds,
I think I’ll  move overseas
and sit all day with skirt to knees!                                                                                                                                                                                                                In deck-chair on sand and feet in sea,
with wrinkled face and cigar for me.
I can dance all night in Latin clubs
with swarthy handsome younger coves,
then come home at dawn for a cup of tea,
perhaps I can learn to water ski?

But really all I need is
Pies, Poetry and a Pint of Gin !

Copyright @ Susie Hemingway 2009