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Geds Antique Wedding group 1911 grass injuly 20.
The faces staring out you see
a legacy from the past
linked by love it seems to me
a marriage that will last,
this primed, set and ordered way
made this for Miriam, a special day.


The ladies all in hats so fine
brought in boxes and decked in time,
dripping with flowers, covered in lace
see how the little boys know their place.
Brush your hair, pomade at will,
shine your shoes, bring Grandpa’s pills!


Sparkling jewels on collars and cuffs
has Aunt Maud brought her muff?
Our handsome pair have walked the aisle
a special breakfast in a while,
but now we must look our best
for Hubert’s ‘heaven’ in nineteen eleven.


Don’t forget your gloves or cane,
dear God, don’t let there be more rain!
Bring the chairs for we must pose,
young Jimmy please to wipe your nose.
Are we ready in our places,
a little stern, for happy faces!


Poof and Bang! the camera goes
who’d have thought the world would know…


All rights reserved with no reproduction of Photo.
Copyright @ August 2009.


With special thanks to Ged Tucker for the 1911 Family Photo
and also to Janey  Johnson for the restoration of this wonderful Photo.