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Being a great fan of the group “Elbow” I was so delighted to see them win the  Mercury Awards this week for their fabulous Album  “Seldom Seen Kid”  A group that has been together for almost eighteen years, so this prestigious award is really well deserved.  I love  the simply wonderful lyrics to all their songs which manage to take you on a private  journey.  The amazingly clever and oh! so romantic lyrics of  “The Bones Of You”  stirs my heart.  Each track  with it’s unique story, allows the listener to escape from reality for a while.  Try listening  to “The Loneliness Of  A Tower Crane Driver ” which Guy Garvey sings with such great passion and heart wrenching pain.

Elbow seemed truly amazed that they had won this award but for me the pleasure from listening daily to their music, I felt it was not before time, to be really recognised as one of our great British groups . Long may they continue to produce music of this caliber.