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It’s not enough, it’s just not enough!  how disappointing when the chance was there or so I thought, to bring into play, the very much stronger laws needed to fight against the carrying of  ‘weapon’ knives.  What a “half-baked” piecemeal idea Jacqi Smith talks about!  To even consider taking these hooligans around our hospitals to see the damage done after the wielding  of these knives. Could this ever make these perfectly ignorant people see the pain and damage inflicted, I really don’t think so. Tell me, do they care?  Taking  them to the morgues could possible be better!

The intensification and severity of  the increased knife crime  over this past weekend is showing a trend that will continue  if our government do not get a grip on this appalling situation. It will for sure, escalate even more. This wonderfully  ‘clobbered  together’ plan, our government has managed to come up with. To try to involve the parents of these young people, is too similar to a plan put in place in the states that didn’t  work. So it’s hardly likely that it will succeed here.  This latest government scheme is a waste of money and in no way severe enough. How these criminals must be laughing at the mindless thought that went into this latest ingenious idea! For they know this will not stop them in their pursuit of gang glory.

Build a ‘camp’ in a deserted part of the UK and incarcerate anyone found carrying a knife, no television , no MP3 players,  no computer games and basic food only, take away their freedom, as they are taking from others. Now, that will stop the problem and if they manage to take their precious knives with them! – the ones that make them feel so brave – they can stab each other!  Make them think, before leaving home, that the penalties are so severe and  then, and only then, will they stop carrying knives. Take away their liberty, it is the only way for the rest of  the young people to walk our streets  freely and safely.  Only then Jacqi Smith, will these most appalling crimes stop.