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Perhaps a too emotive subject for me to tackle but how can any of us standby watching this terrible affliction take over  the lives of our young people. How can we stand back and not demand that something be done, to curb this need to kill and maim your fellow man.  How sad to think  in our beloved London and so many of our cities it is no longer safe to walk. How can it be allowed to continue? when on every news program and in every newspaper, we hear or read of yet another young man or woman who has been stabbed to death!  How ever hard the groups of distressed parents and friends – of these daily tragedies – try to  make these stupid and moronic  people see some sense, nothing seems to change. Why should these  criminals be allowed to do what ever they feel like in a country that belongs to us all and to the rest of us who hold it so dear. It seems they will go on slaying each other, while we all standby watching!  Why will our government not  bring in a five year mandatory sentence for anyone found carrying a knife that is not ‘tools of their trade’  How many more young people will die before, it is realised that our laws are inofficious  and therefore without moral duty, these idiots will not stop, until our laws become  punitive. I  would no longer walk alone at night in my own country for fear of  being attacked and there are many who feel the same, how sad is that? How dare they spoil this beautiful country!  The time is now, to make this small minority of ruthless criminals understand that it must stop. This is the time to bring in much stronger laws. Without these laws I believe it will not end.

What the rest of the world must think of  us and the uncivilised way we live I cannot bear to dwell on, it is beyond my imagination. There are times I feel ashamed to be British.