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Tuk Tuk

Tuk Tuk


Blues skies into long sultry nights
draws us back once more
music plays “this guys in love with you”,
cascades the water and pours its charms
through and down under tiny coin filled bridge.

Tan men, beautiful ladies, the smell of sun,
cologne and the odd cigar
mixes and blends with Asian ‘fusion’ delights,
the aromas reaching our noses before we
step over the glinting water…

We settled on smart sofa’s as the handsome
‘chef de rang’ brought cocktails to delight,
refreshing Long Island tea, vivid pink Daiquiris,
the green mint from the sweet Mojito’s shining
in catching candle light, the clinking ice…

It was a delight, it made another memory,
It served us well,
And when I can no longer travel
It will remain, Tuk Tuk and those
warm balmy nights.

It made another memory…



Dedicated to my son Jo.


The World is Crying.


The World is Crying.

Sadness fills our streets our beautiful places
it invades our innermost thoughts
it soaks through our clothes
it permeates our skin
it floods our eyes with salty tears

the warm balmy air carried that special aroma
of sun-kissed bodies and laughter
of garlicky rich delicious food
from smart hotels and cafes along
the Promenade des Anglais

such evilness invaded
marred and tried to spoil
occupying and seizing us
when lost so many souls
too much sadness in that evening air

memories now spoilt
imbued with different visions
they must be redeemed
yes they must be redeemed
or ‘you’ have won with your evilness

the world is crying…

A Sea of Roses.

They spread their petals pink and white
scatter like snow flakes amid the green
a sea of roses this beauty seen, unique their faces an elegant theme.

A single rose becomes my garden
a million is my world…

A Country Garden.

“A folly to provide delight, sometimes a triumph of hope. Art that uses the flowers and plants as paint, the soil and sky as a canvas”


Sweet Scent Of Summer – The Cotswold’s.



Hedgerows sweet and heavily pungent,
drooping their white may-flower blossoms
falling like drifting snow, as on the gentle breeze
scented air, carries to eager senses.

Minute petals form the flowers of
Gods perfect creations.
Such are the delights of
these sweet scents of Summer.

Light tawny bricked cottages,
row on cobbled row,
the dark gothic mullioned windows,
their secret beauties contained within.

As hanging adorned, heavily
decked the lavender blues
of stringy wisteria, its dripping faded beauty
a Summer feast for weary eyes.

Curling petals, shedding blooms surround
old doors, sills, abundant heavy and wayward
‘Shakespeare’ roses weighty in beauty, itself
the sweetest scent of summer…
Awaits you here…


Susie Hemingway @copyright 2016


Come Into The Garden Maud – Hemingby Open Gardens Day.


Come into the garden Maud,
An open day of gardens galore,
some long, some short, some thin, some broad
all I’m sure deserve awards.
June came round double quick
as we tried to make our lawns lush and thick,
to coax and water blooms to show
the magic as our gardens grow.
A little tweak here and there,
a rake, a broom, a weather prayer!
Come on Roses, show your faces
we need some colour, some perfect Acer’s.
Poppies, Geraniums, Lavender blue,
delight at every corner anew,
hanging baskets lend their hues,
as birds sing to add to pretty views,
of twinkling ponds and water features
the bubbles of the little creatures,
that swim beneath the lush green creepers.
Hosta plants with waiting blooms
to lift our spirits from Winter gloom.
Hydrangeas, Rhododendrons, tomatoes in pots,
delight our eyes and produce a lot!
Trellis’s of Sweet-peas reach our noses
their pretty faces in tangled motion…
Tall fir trees sway in breezes, good
not to have hay-fever sneezes.
These beautiful gardens, prepared for you
with care and love, I must applaud.
So come into the garden Maud!

This Changing World – Paris 2015


Dark these recent stormy skies
battleship grey, gloom filled days
entangled with tears…
Blood spills in joyous places from
young music revellers, flows warmly away
amongst coffee loving gentle souls.
In quiet bistros filled with amore,
mixes in delicious smells of Paris…

Wickedness pours forth, from crazy minds
to mar this beautiful city of France.

It will not happen,
it will not be changed.
Not by YOU!
Your souls are damaged
by promises of a utopian heaven
for this is NOT the teaching of Islam
your minds are radicalised,
soaked from poison dripped evil,
do you not understand what is happening,
listen and STOP,
this corruption of your spoilt young minds,
brain-washed by evil despots
who are themselves the infidels.
Who are themselves the infidels…

Written for my Daughter-in-Law Sandrine – whose sadness for her country I can feel.💔

@ Copyright – Susie Hemingway 2015

Adrift – by Susie



Adrift, swooping swallows our only shade
ends indolent inert day,
laying naked in sun warmed ‘muddle’
the gentle sway of bobbing boat
reveals this sleepy scene,
the postprandial glass in hand,
a passage, a chasm,
this hiatus, this pause in time,
adrift, at mercy of our circumstances.


“Up Where We Belong”
plays loudly in my mind as
swallows break this torpid air
serenading their mating call
and this evening song…


@copyright Susie Hemingway.

photo: courtesy of Anne Manning.


Swallows are able to produce many songs, which are used to express excitement, to communicate with others of the same species, during courtship. The songs of males are related to the body condition of the bird and are presumably used by females to judge the physical condition and suitability for mating of males. The typical song of swallows is a simple,sometimes musical twittering.

The Wall – Susie Hemingway.


The sunlight crept over the wall slowly
pulling itself as if tugging a tank
the heavy night seemed distant
the dreams seemed real…
With heavy heart I looked at the sky
the soft blue of a summer day
was nearly upon me,
light puffy wisps of pearly white clouds
pushed into my vision,
as this voice inside vibrates,
a heart bleeds and dissolves.

This circle goes round forever
this wall withers my needs
as I look above…
Difficult heart cutting days.
The wall that holds me back.
The wall, tall, dark and brutally gloomy,
this barrier to a new life,
this wall so near my face,
this wall that snaps and breaks me
and withers my heart…

This wall so heavily built against me
this block of bricks
returns its view…

@ copyright Susie Hemingway.



“A Poem”

A poem…begins as a lump in the throat, a sense of wrong, a homesickness, a lovesickness… It finds the thought and the thought finds the words.
ROBERT FROST, The letters of Robert Frost to Louis Untermeyer.