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“Feel my dreams for you”

Solace of mind on difficult days,
comfort when troubled
or when sadness bleeds your heart,
wise eyes to be able to see all beauty
especially in unexpected places,
laughter to play on those beautiful lips,
the ability to accept in those sparkling eyes,
hugs that raise your spirit soul
and friends to share those happy days.

Laughter in abundance to surround and fulfil,
to ring in your ears, play on your mouth,
faith to hold you up, to believe on those tough days,
confidence when the journey is not easy…
Patience and courage when days are difficult and
but most of all compassion and an
abundance of love to complete your life.

May you always have a sunlit door to walk through…


Poem dedicated to my Sons and Grandson.
©️Susie Hemingway. 2022

The Open Door Photo: Courtesy of Anne Manning with thanks. (Click to open).