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Watching Clouds…

I’m watching clouds today.
You know, when the sky is the colour of cornflowers and the wind is high in a sky as large as an ocean,
these white fluffy cottonwool shapes scud past as
I lie on my soft snugly bed, the sky clear and lemony sunny,
I’m watching clouds today…

My balcony door is wide open, the breeze is sharp and Winter fresh, my nose is going pink
but under my warmest blanket with hot water bottle in place I am as warm as if being on a Caribbean beach.

I’m seeing the world today…

One soft white air-balloon sped by, I am sure people were waving,
followed by a perfect Isle of Wight
then came a magical galleon ship, well maybe not quite a galleon ship but huge sails full of powerful gusts puffed out in front, full I’m sure of gold and pearls.
Then a strangely big leg of Italy very close, kicking away from the rest of its land.
I’m watching clouds today…

An odd tree came next, most shapely I thought, blown sideways but I turned my head just in time… Then came a large alligator not of white clouds but formed from the gaps between but you never have cornflower blue alligators do you?
Imagination is a wonderful thing…

I’m watching clouds today…

Susie Hemingway ©️2021

Watching Clouds.