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The world turned on its head today,
It collided, stumbled stuttered and fell.
the bustling regular ordinary days
the ones we love the best, changed,
slowly at first but then, with a great rush of fear.


The world turned on its axis, it shuddered,
And all at once fearful for the life of our world to come,
we halted and stalled.
Those approaching the Autumn of their days
must stay ‘contained’ the hardy stalwarts must
not ‘rock this boat’ or it might capsize, might go under…


The young executives our money makers,
our decision makers, now confined to home offices,
sitting in underpants, 
as trains and city centres empty
draining like blood from worried faces…
The world turned on its axis today…


The call to prayer,  voices thinned, as announcements
came of closures of Mosques,
the suspension of Mass starting to curb the spread of Covid-19.
The world turned on its axle today….
Theme parks stilled, theatres, cinemas, halted in prose,
visas suspended  as the world turned on
It’s axis today…


Death is not the only common fear, science is the only common hope.
Humanity is  our only common thread.
The world turned on its axis today…
Susie Hemingway ©️March 2020

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