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This Magic Isle – Crete Reunion 2019🌞🍹🍸🍻🥂

This magic Isle of new memories that nurtured
the souls of those that loved…
the hot golden days of our desert time,
where friends were made to last and stay
in OUR Oasis town of palms and sand.

For some, more than half a life ago
remember a different time, of roaming camels
soaring temperatures, dusty lives where
bonds were made to last and stay..
“See you again one day” we said.

So for us the stalwarts of this time,
staunch, committed, fun and steadfast
we meet again, still vigorous and redoubtable,
to reminisce of years gone by.
Unhesitatingly enjoying all of our memories…

We shared again on this lovely Island of Crete
We shared again…

Susie Hemingway Moursi – 4th Reunion Crete 2019.