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When I don’t mention your name

it wishes to slip through my lips

it rolls around in my mouth

it hinders my speech

you are not a memory lost

you are with me always

yearning to escape,

please can I mention your name?


A new guest for tea

like old school friends relaying

the years past, the joy of connection

laughter and life,

she asks your name

it flows like a coursing stream

channels down on fresh white linen it falls,

it ripples, slides and spills…


Oh the joy of saying your name

oh the passage of cherished time

fills my heart making my ears happy,

your name tastes of sweet soft

honey on my tongue,

it tastes of Caspian beluga caviar

on thin warm blinis,

it makes my eyes open wide with joy,

it is my heaven it is my desire…


 Can I mention your name…