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Hedgerows sweet and heavily pungent,
drooping their white may-flower blossoms
falling like drifting snow, as on the gentle breeze
scented air, carries to eager senses.

Minute petals form the flowers of
Gods perfect creations.
Such are the delights of
these sweet scents of Summer.

Light tawny bricked cottages,
row on cobbled row,
the dark gothic mullioned windows,
their secret beauties contained within.

As hanging adorned, heavily
decked the lavender blues
of stringy wisteria, its dripping faded beauty
a Summer feast for weary eyes.

Curling petals, shedding blooms surround
old doors, sills, abundant heavy and wayward
‘Shakespeare’ roses weighty in beauty, itself
the sweetest scent of summer…
Awaits you here…


Susie Hemingway @copyright 2016