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So slowly this morning the dawn greeted me with a suitably golden sunrise creeping up and across the pale green pastures of this early Easter. A natural perfect beauty of a new day.  Walking to the village hall I thought that at last I detected the smell of Spring or perhaps as I approached it was the delicious smell of bacon cooking?  It is tradition in this little village to serve a cooked breakfast to those who like to join in a companible social setting. The full works is served, cereal, fruit juices, white and brown toast, marmalades, various jams and of course a magnificently cooked breakfast of sausage, egg, bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes and beans. The tables are perfectly laid with chintzy red clothes, vases of daffodils and shining cutlery, even I may add little dishes of chocolate eggs.

This morning we served about forty-five people, they chatted happily with joyous greetings of “Happy Easter”. It is good to take stock every now and then and appreciate how very lucky we are in this pleasant rural life of ours, where friendships flourish and folk care about those who are becoming older. Gentleness is the source of all caring, a smile, a kind considered word or two, go a long way in making those who days are slower now and for those that could, if care was not taken, lead lonely lives.

I have lived here in this little Village nestling at the foot of the Lincolnshire Wolds since 2004. No it’s not the prettiest village but its beauty shines in its ability to retain this special character of friendliness and tranquility which elsewhere may be impossible to find. Many happy faces left the village hall this morning, long may it last. “Happy Easter” dear readers, may this Easter find you with peace and a joyous heart.