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“Poetry is the opening and closing of a door, leaving those who look through, to guess about what is seen during a moment” Carl Sandburg

I Missed You.

I missed you, when the heated rhythm of Salsa
that feels so like chillies when they touch your tongue
drifted across the dance floor.
I missed you as this enticing music reached  my jewelled pinned ears.
Where were you? when the luscious sounds of Sax blues caught my needy toes
so carefully encased in high dancing shoes.
Where were those slim ‘sun touched’ hands that would  reach to twirl me to the dance floor.
Where was the graceful dancer whose gentle persuasion  could spin me like a whirlpool,
making me turn  and sway to the sounds of Latin beats and bluesy tones.
Tell me, where were those magical eyes those sparkling rays of light,  that always laughed with me.
Where was that smile, those breathy movements on the dance floor,
those feet that could glide and coax  the dancer from my soul.
How my heart wants to dance with you once more, instead of standing alone when the music calls to me.
I watched the others spin and whirl but my arms were empty, sadness for your charms that made me feel like sixteen again.
I was never a wallflower but she has found me now.
Where were you… when the deliciously heated sound of Salsa reached my ears… where were you?


@ Copyright 2009 Susie Hemingway.