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Time to update ‘My Diary’ I think, having been very quiet here of late but my life has certainly been rushing on a pace in these last few weeks.

Having been lucky to have had a wonderful trip across southern Spain from Alicante and then up through enchanting Granada and on to magical Seville in Andalusia. Returning to a lot of catching-up in the garden, family visits and many chores needing to be done around my little home here in the Lincolnshire Wolds, more writing and with three or four trips to the gym weekly, I have been most remiss here – so a little about my travels first:

I started  my journey flying into Alicante, the old place never seems to change much over the years but of course there are many changes from my first visit there in the 60’s


I so enjoyed it this time, good to give it a ‘once over’ again and the  chance to walk everywhere, as it was not the boiling temperatures of mid-summer. I relished the leafy back lanes away from the main streets although I did stroll the entire length of the main promenade one early morning – the port in Alicante is so pretty in the early morning light with its affluence of beautiful yachts and speed boats set in quite chic surroundings- here it is much updated in recent years, with it’s chrome filled restaurants and espresso smelling coffee shops but it still retains some of its original charm and as usual out of season for me, it always looks it’s best. Staying in a great little boutique hotel which was set in a small alley just behind the main street, not plush in anyway but having everything needed for a short stay, a one-step too for the restaurants and bars and perfectly near for late night strolls.

After a few days it was on the road for a mammoth one day journey of 595 km  across the southern part of Spain ending in Seville. The roads are so good here and It was wonderful to see the Sierra Nevada’s in the distance.

Granada was delightful and I need to go again to cover more of this enchanting city but no journey is complete without a visit to Alhambra which is of course everything that is written about it. Time was short there but I felt the ambiance of this magical place and it is on my agenda to return again and spend some study time there.

Seville is for me everything you imagine inland Spain to be, truly abundant and steep in rich cultural heritage. Best to divided the central area into four parts to make sightseeing a little easier, La Macarena, El Arenal, Santa Cruz and Parque Maria Luisa and then across the river which really makes up a fifth part.

No one can go to Seville and not take in the Cathedral and La Giralda, Reales Alcazares and the Museo de Bellas Artes but there is so much more. The wonderful warren of white alleys of the Barrio De Santa Cruz in the old Jewish quarter appealed to me greatly. It is a most picturesque corner of the city. Full of wonderful little shops and tapas bars and the atmosphere on a warm spring evening is electric. Wonderful for a late evening stroll with a promise of a good dinner at the end. I was so lucky to stay in a super Hotel here in Seville, with all the lovely special things to make the stay even more pleasurable and so able to re-coup a bit for the next days sightseeing. There is so much to see and I could not cover it all but I promise myself to visit this lovely part of Spain again God willing…

And so I returned to London just in time for a grand reunion with 130 old friends from my days in the desert of Al Ain in the UAE – we took over the Ruby Room in “Jewels” a London Nightclub, to meet up again after 25 years. A super evening was had by all and the plans are in place for the next one to be held back in Al Ain in 2015 – I sincerely hope to make that!

And so to conclude – I have been spending my days since my return with some good work around my little home – replacing much needed worn fencing in the rear of the property, gardening, and general up-keep, although it never looks much different I must try to keep the old homestead going and at least neat and tidy.

I have also been lucky to have had some really super dates and lovely dinners out and a recent trip to a pop concert, which was totally wonderful and took me back to years ago and the lovely music of that time, it was difficult not get up and dance!

So my friends, life goes on a pace and as I am lucky to be well, my  intentions are to thoroughly  enjoy this part of my life. I am returning to Marbella later this year and I am so looking forward to that but will not wish my life away and so I make the most of each given day in quiet ways – for life is good. All best wishes to my dear friends who continue to read here – I pray for those who need comfort in times of ill health and for those caring for their precious loved ones.   Stay strong and may many blessings come your way. We will chat again soon.