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Although you’re down and feeling blue
a little bit dreamy not wanting to
talk or read,  I understand,
just love smiles will do…


I’ll wrap you soft as feather down,
and feed you from a silver spoon,
bewitch you with procured delights
just return those love smiles tonight.


I’ll fill the room with bergamot
and camouflage  your pain,
find the crystal glasses
and then I’ll pour champagne,


unstring my heart like oyster’s pearls
enthral at just one glance,
if you can muster just for me
a ‘love smile’ when I glance.


I’ll soften all those noisy vowels
when cooing gentle mantra,
and even toast some butter crumpets
or pick a  Shakespeare rose…


and as the peace from pain
like absolution comes,
as when the scent pungent and loved
reaches to your nose,


smile for me beloved one
those ‘love smiles’ that I know…


All Rights Reserved @ May 2009